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Ticime -‘midwives’ in Nahuatl, a Mexican language- is a civil association created to promote and advocate for midwifery as a model for sexual and reproductive health care, interested in making our services available to all kind of women. To collaborate with the dissemination of information with the belief that families, midwives and other professionals need to become active partners in the goal of making birth safer and at the same time rewarding.


Documentation Center
Since Ticime’s inception in 1991, we have been gathering materials of interest to midwives and others interested in high-quality health care for mothers and children. Many people have benefited from these materials, and we frequently receive requests from midwives, pregnant women, childbirth educators, doctors, anthropology students, and others to visit our library and borrow materials.

Didactic Materials

Ticime acknowledges the important role traditional midwives play in servicing many families. Our advocacy activities are geared to questioning the lack of research on the traditional practices and lack of support to those servicing the poorest population. We have developed some materials apt to be owned and read by midwives who are not skilled in reading.

By producing the video, “Sobada and Manteada”, two massage techniques -frequently used by Mexican indigenous traditional midwives- are shown. The Sobada is a gentle massage of the abdominal area that allows a midwife to determine the growth and position of a baby during the months before birth. The Manteada is rocking the pelvic area using a rebozo, or shawl, that relaxes the mother, relieves backache and muscle ache, and encourages the baby to take a good position in the womb before birth.

Ticime’s midwifery model is based on a professional program and experience for more than 14 years dedicated to offering quality prenatal, homebirth, and postpartum care to women and families from diverse communities. We attend births at home, in our Posadas de Nacimientos (Birthing Inns) and in clinics, in the State of Morelos, State of Oaxaca and Mexico City. We also offer well-woman gynecological care and family planning services.

The project of the Posada de Nacimiento in Tepoztlan is surrounded by six very poor communities where health services are scarce and community midwives are no longer practicing. We have carried out workshops for women of all ages on reproductive and sexual health and rights in collaboration with the government health services of the State of Morelos.

One of our objectives in the project sponsored by JICA is to reach adolescents in school to provide them with useful information on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, human rights and no-violence issues.

In the states of Oaxaca and Morelos we are carrying out meetings with traditional midwives where we exchange knowledge. We bring closer new learning possibilities and strategies so that indigenous parteras have better tools at hand.

With the development of Ticime’s web page we intend to bring the organization and our resources in contact with more people in order to get help for these essential good causes.

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